Debbie Wingham Diamond Stilettos


British designer Debbie Wingham unveiled these ultra-luxe Diamond stilettos in 2017. Commissioned by an unnamed family in Dubai, U.A.E, for a birthday and is meant to resemble a cake. Her creation was a collaboration between herself and Chris Campbell, a contemporary artist based in Florida. The heels are loaded with precious gems including 3-carat rare pink diamonds and 1-carat blue diamonds. In addition, there are four 3-carat diamonds and 1,000 pointer diamonds set in platinum framing. The pair also features gold soles and zippers, as well as 24 karat gold paint on the leather. The stitching was done with an 18 karat gold thread and features a gold thread inlay. The shoes were finished off with a rose gold accent and a leather Iranian jasmine flower at the center of the shoe.